Is there liposuction in a gynecomastia surgery?

I don't consider myself as being obese, but somehow I have man boobs. I mean, except for my "breasts", I'm not a particularly fat person. What makes this particularly frustrating, is that there seems to be no way for me to fix this aspect of my body naturally. After some quick online research, I've found something called gynecomastia surgery, but I'm not quite sure I understand what it's all about. I read that it includes "breast tissue removal", but is there also some type of liposuction procedure involved? My concern is that my breast might get smaller with surgery, but wouldn't they be saggy if fat isn't removed?


M, 34, New Jersey

Hi.  Thank you for your question.  Most times, both surgical removal of the firm gland is performed along with liposuction of the surrounding fatty tissue to provide not only removal of the gynecomastia, but also proper cosmetic contouring.  You should meet with a plastic surgeon near you to discuss your particular options.  Good luck!

Generally speaking there is usually harder, more fibrous breast tissue along with fat in "man boobs" The fat can be reduced with just liposuction but many patients will require an open surgical procedure for effective fat and breast tissue removal.

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Yes, liposuction AND excision of gland are used together for virtually all gynecomastia surgery.  This has become one of my sub-specialties. Please visit my website, ww w.gynecomastianewyork.coom for much more information.

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City

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I almost always use liposuction in gynecomastia surgery. Of course, if you have glandular (firm) tissue it should be excised directly. If you have redundant or loose skin, that should be addressed as well as you mention.