Is there a lot of bandaging from getting a Facelift?

Will there be a lot of bandaging after a facelift? I live on my own and do not have anyone to help move around the house. Will I be able to see easily or will my face be completed bandaged for awhile? What type of bandages are used in the recovery process? Do I need to buy some for my own use? Or are all of them provided from the practice?


F, 50, Virginia

Thank you for sharing your question.  You will find that every Surgeon has a different way of bandaging, and a different post-operative protocol.  For my Facelift patients, I use a wrap-like bandage that goes under the chin and around the top of the head.  Your face and eyes are completely uncovered.  For recovery, I recommend changing gauze pads twice a day.  The bandages that your Plastic Surgeon will recommend to you might be provided by their office, or may not be provided.  These are great questions to ask during your consultation.  Your best bet would be to have a few consultations with Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in your area.  I hope this was helpful.  

Best Wishes, Dr. B. 

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Typically the facelift bandaging is only in place for a couple of days after the procedure. However, most patients should not exert themselves significantly for two weeks after the surgery to minimize swelling and the risk of bleeding issues. Depending on the practice, you may be furnished the bandages or asked to purchase them yourself. Each surgeon has specific requirements for postop wound care so nobody can give you a comprehensive universal list here. If you are interested in medical tourism and having surgery in southern California, let us know and we can schedule you for an online video chat consultation!

-- Dr. Sayed

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