Is there really a "one stitch" facelift?

Can someone please explain for me exactly what a "one stitch lift" or "one stitch facelift" is? Could anyone get this facelift? What qualities would I need to possess in order to qualify (for example: age, race, skin-type....)?


F, 49, Virginia

This might be referring to a thread lift which is great for younger people. The results however do not have the longevity of a facelift. It's best to have a consultation to see what's best for you

I saw something like this where a surgeon was lifting the lower face with two elliptical excisions under the sideburns. First off, more than one stitch is needed to close those incisions, and second, I question the efficacy of something so limited in data and with such little dissection. I do offer a similar product, but three stitches may be needed. Liposuction and Facetite allow for controlled removal of fat where you do not want it and tightening of the skin envelope with a specialized wand that contracts skin using a controlled burn has just been cleared by the FDA for use in the states and I... love... it. This can be done while you are awake and the results are stunning.

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