Is there a vulvar varicose vein treatment option?

I developed vulvar varicose veins toward the end of my first pregnancy. Fortunately they disappeared on their own shortly after I gave birth. I developed them again during my second pregnancy, in the third trimester. They were more prominent than previously but I managed them with compression panties and took warm baths to help with the discomfort. I thought these would go away like the previous ones but this has yet to happen. I need to find out what treatment options are available to me if they don't go away like the last ones. I will appreciate any help you can offer. Thank you.


F, 40, Tennessee

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I would recommend to see a vein specialist to have an evaluation and go over your treatment options.  Sometimes foam sclerotherapy can be a relatively good, low invasive treatment.

Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Denver, Colorado