Is a Traditional or Laser Blepharoplasty better for Eye Bags?

I am lost. My eye bags are a constant downer for me every time I look in the mirror. I have tried creams, rollers and everything else under the sun with no luck. Since then, I have met with a few doctors about my issue and received countering opinions once again about my eye bags. One doc said I should go with Laser Blepharoplasty and the other with traditional. For the love of all that is holy, please someone give me a straight answer.


F, 46, Connecticut

Hi there!

Hard to give you any answer without some photos or a video consultation as the approach really does vary from patient to patient. Also, different surgeons have different techniques (tell me something I don't already know, right?). 

Here's how we evaluate eyelids:

  1. Look at the fat - is it bulgy or hollowed out? That might help us determine whether to remove, reposition or add fat
  2. Look at skin excess - where is it concentrated, and can it be treated alone or does it need to be considered in the context of the fat and muscle support as well?
  3. Test the muscle support (there are simple manual ways to assess the support of the lid) - this may help us determine if we need to add sutures or tighten the corner of the eye in order to prevent something called ectropion
  4. Consider what we have in our specific offices/surgicenters to use - some surgeons expressly DON'T want to use lasers to close to the eyelids whereas certain lasers can be tuned to provide some nice tightening.

It's best to look at photos, have a few in-person consultations and remote ones, and make your decision based on the totality of the patient experience and the surgeon's experience, rather than just on which technique (s)he proposes.

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Both are the same in the end, but rather the tool that the MD uses will be different.  The tool NEVER makes a good results, it's the person using the tool.

They  are exactly the same when the healing is done. However if the laser is used , it can be used for "resurfacing the skin" or tightening by heating  with the laser especially it he transconjunctival approach is used (Inside the lower lid)> let your surgeon advise you as to which one they prefer  for your case.