I've been using Botox for over two years and I need help pls

Hi I've been using Botox for almost two years now for erectile dysfunction and it worked pretty good for the first four sessions, i was a little over four inches and the next session , a couple weeks later my penis was barely three and half inches and I talked to my doctor and she said we'll do a couple more sessions then the next session I didn't even get hard and she said it might take a couple days later I'm masturbating and it felt hard but it was only two inches I got scared and she said it was fine we'll just double the dose next session went by and a couple weeks later it looked like my penis atrophied really bad I'm masturbating thinking it's gonna help and I can barely feel my penis she said just let the Botox Were off and it's been two months sense and my penis isn't getting any bigger it just keeps getting smaller and I'm scared it won't return to normal size and I don't know what to do


M, 20, Mississippi

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