Juvederm Volift, best option for lifting mouth corners?

My twin sister's doctor recommended a dermal filler named Juvederm Volift for her drooping mouth corners, and since we have the same problem, it got me thinking. I've never considered plastic surgery an option, but seeing my sister as enthusiastic as she is, I can't help but be curious about it. Is this the way doctors correct mouth corners?


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Yes, Juvederm Volift is a great new treatment option and an excellent facial filler. It’s an ultra-smooth gel that delivers natural looking, long-lasting results. Because Volift is so easy to work with, it's a versatile treatment option that gives us a lot of options.

We use Juvederm Volift to improve the contour of the lips, particularly if they start to droop or take on a "sad” look. Our technique is to inject the fillers into the melomental folds just below the edges of the mouth. This helps to buttress the commissures, or corners of the mouth, for a very natural looking result.


To answer your question about whether Volift is the best option, that really depends on your specific case. There are other Juvederm products and many other fillers that all have their own strengths. In some cases we’ll also use a small amount of Botox on muscles pushing down on the corners of the mouth.

I encourage you to arrange a consultation with us so we can discuss the best options for your case.

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Juvederm Volift is an excellent product. It’s a newer-generation hyaluronic acid filler and one of the latest additions to the Juvederm range. What makes Volift very easy to work with is its extremely fine consistency, allowing us to use very fine needles and achieve a very natural look. Using fine needles results in minimal swelling, bruising and pain. Volift also has a lidocaine anesthetic painkiller mixed directly into the preparation, making treatments with it very tolerable in terms of pain.

Volift is a great choice of dermal filler for lifting mouth corners and achieving a refreshed look. Whether or not it’s the best choice depends on your specific case. Other good choices include Restylane and Radiesse. Your doctor may also recommend Juvederm Voluma or Juvederm Volbella depending on your specific situation.

To lift the corners of the mouth, we inject the filler into the areas below the corners of the mouth. This helps to raise the areas next to it. We also add a small amount to the nasolabial folds to add firmness. Because it's so fine, Volift is a very versatile product that's great for multiple sites on the lower face.

I’d like to emphasize, however, that when considering plastic surgery or injectable fillers, please only consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. There are simply  too many unqualified people performing these procedures, and if something goes wrong, as will happen sometimes, you could find yourself very sorry if left in the hands of one of these unqualified injectors.

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Yes- soft tissue fillers can help to improve areas around your lips and mouth for improved contour. Good Luck!

Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero are dermal fillers that are commonly used to correct mouth corners. Botox is also often used alone or in combination with fillers to achieve the desired results. 

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Juvederm Volift is a common dermal filler, with the origin of America. 

However, the function of it is "filling a space". Therefore, for those with "not very severe drooping mouth corners" with normal skin texture (elasticity), it can be used. Sometime, if the muscle activity (master m.) is weak, it's necessary to do Botox lifting. However, if the cause of drooping is due to loose skin, lifting surgery and laser like Reaction are helpful.

Juvederm Ultra, Volift, and Volbella can all be used for these areas, and the choice will depend on the experience of the physician and the tissue nature of the patient 

Yes. These fillers are great for making fuller lips and turning the drooping corners of the mouth upwards. Volift is a new product, and there are several fillers that are good for the lip area. Restylane Silk, Volift, and Belotero are the most commonly used ones. They all are similar, but some physicians have a preference, based on their experience. 

Good luck!!