Laughing after Rhinoplasty

I have a group of friends who are always clowning around and laughing at each other. They're always making witty jokes and I can't help but laugh out loud all the time. Even more so now that they're always seeing me with bandages over my nose. I've become the main target for ALL the jokes. I don't mind because I know they care about me and don't mean it. But what I AM afraid of is I'm gonna ruin the results if I continue laughing all the time. My nostrils expand every time I laugh... it even hurts a bit. Will laughing too much create any complications?


F, 41, Ohio

While it’s great you are in such high spirits during the post-op phase of plastic surgery,  something which can be emotionally and physically challenging, it’s also important to be cautious. Many rhinoplasty patients express concern about the effects of facial expression and movement during their recovery period, as they want to avoid damaging their new nose.

While it’s generally agreed among facial plastic surgeons that occasional laughing, yawning, or smiling is not detrimental to your nose while it heals from rhinoplasty surgery, it is advisable to try to limit excessive facial animation, particularly in the first few weeks following your procedure.

Tiny muscles connect the tip of your nose with your upper lip, and when you smile or laugh these muscles lower the top of your nose. The sutures which hold the nasal tip cartilage are delicate, so it’s best to allow this area to heal before subjecting it to excessive movement from facial emoting.

There are also sutures inside the nose holding everything in place. Sudden or extreme movement of the facial muscles can impact these sutures, causing them to give way and bleeding to occur. If you feel pain when you laugh, you should interpret this as a sign to ease up on the extent to which you are animating your face, and attempt to restrain your facial movements until you feel that you can freely do so without any discomfort. Simply try to protect your nose as best you can during your recovery period, and avoid placing any undue tension on it.

It will take some time before the final result of your nose job is apparent. The healing process from rhinoplasty surgery can take several months, and during this time forming normal facial expressions can feel a little strange as you get used to your new nose.

In general, however, it is highly unlikely that you will cause any damage to your nose or affect your rhinoplasty results from too much laughing. What’s most important is to avoid touching or rubbing your nose, as this is much more detrimental.

Good luck!

What a patient does 6 months after rhinoplasty doesn't matter much, but of course horsing around and physically stretching the incision over the first couple of weeks might lead to problems.

It shouldn't, but it can lead to more swelling of the nose and prolonged recovery.  Also, if your nostrils were narrowed during the procedure, you can tear the sutures and create a wound complication.  It is strongly recommended that you take it easy in the days immediately following a rhinoplasty.  I would avoid hanging out with your friends who make you laugh until you see your doctor for your follow up visit.

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Laughing excessively after surgery should not affect  your recovery, or cause any complications.  It may be tender when you laugh.  It might swell a bit more.  Please discuss this with your Plastic Surgeon that performed the Rhinoplasty, as every Doctor has different protocol for post surgical care.  I hope this information was helpful.  

Best Wishes, Dr. B. 


   No, laughing will not cause any damage to your rhinoplasty. Be sure to follow up with your surgeon to be sure everything is healing appropriately. Hope you love your new look.Good Luck! 

Best to discuss in person with your surgeon.