Looking for rhinoplasty recovery tips and tricks

I recently booked a rhinoplasty operation for myself and will be “going under the knife” in less than two weeks. As it turns out, my cousin is getting married in Barbados about a month after I have my operation and our entire extended family will be making the trip. There are a couple of family members who will be there who absolutely CANNOT know I've had rhinoplasty surgery for a variety of reasons I do not wish to share here. Since I cannot cancel or postpone the date of my operation without being charged a fortune I'm hoping a professional might have a few tips or tricks on how I can speed up the recovery process or at least better hide any evidence suggesting I've recently had work done. Help!


F, 27, Maryland

If you have chosen your surgeon ask him as he knows what he is doing and has your complete medical history.  That said at a month post op there maybe some residual swelling but other then the cosmetic change nothing to draw attention to your nose

Dr Corbin


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