Losing Weight Before and After a Mommy Makeover?

I’m 5’5” and weigh 147 pounds. I exercise frequently and have a relatively healthy diet. Over the past year, I have lost 15 pounds. I plan on losing another 10-15 pounds. Would you recommend I continue to diet and exercise, or am I at a point where I could have the mommy makeover procedure? If I decide to go ahead with the mommy makeover, will continuing to lose weight after having the procedure screw up my results? I'm excited to get the procedure done but I'm also patient and can wait. I appreciate your feedback on this!    


F, 44, Arizona

Optimal body weight is optimistic goal and yet rarely ever reached. If looking the way you feel is what you are seeking, then a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck can really help you get there. Consider how much better you will feel in your workout clothes once they fit you in the manner that you desire. You can improve you outer appearance to match how you feel on the inside and this will only inspire you to keep that improved figure and work out even more.

Live life, Don't wait.Losing Weight Before and After a Mommy Makeover , submitted image. Losing Weight Before and After a Mommy Makeover , submitted image.

I'd recommend you get closer to your goal weight. Your results can then be more predictable. 

Good luck to you

Dr. B

If you plan to lose a significant amount of weight then you should do so before undergoing a Mommy makeover so you don't have a recurrence of excess loose skin. 


  So I recommend all of my patients get to their realistic ideal body weight before undergoing any body contouring procedure because it will give them the very best outcome. Weight fluctuations after body contouring surgery will compromise your result. Patients that sustain a healthy lifestyle following body contouring enjoy their result for years to come! 

Thank you for your inquiry. I would recommend you reach your ideal weight goal before having any surgery. Make sure that your weight is stable as well. Always choose a plastic surgeon. Hope this helped. If you have any more questions dont hesitate to contact our office.