Matching reconstructive breast after mastectomy

I am trying to convince my wife to have reconstructive breast surgery after her mastectomy scheduled later this year. She was always proud of her breast balance and she thinks that the reconstruction will not match the look of the other breast or it will appear fake. How well can the reconstructed breast match her other one?


M, 51, Tennessee

Reconstructed breasts can often match very well!  They can be reconstructed with implants (often a two stage process) or with her own tissue which is a single stage but longer surgery.   Implants are a safe and come in many heights, widths, shapes and sizes to match the opposite breast.  Often the opposite breast (the non diseased one) can also be treated to create the best symmetry if needed, with a lift or a reduction or implant.  This is all considered part of the reconstruction.  I would advise your wife to just meet with a plastic surgeon prior to her mastectomy to discuss all options.  She can choose not to have surgery, but at least she will know her options.  Good luck to you both.  Also remember reconstruction can be done at the time of mastectomy, but it also can be done later, if she wants to deal with one thing at a time.

Dr. Buenaventura

Thank you for the question and at the time of the reconstruction the surgeon would do procedures needed on the normal side to obtain a match,  thereby enhancing the appearance of both sides

Dr Corbin