Mommy makeovers - any complications with being older?

I'm just wondering if there are any older moms getting mommy makeovers. 


F, 49, Michigan

Yes, definitely!  Age, by itself, is not a reason to avoid having a mommy makeover.  Lots of older moms that are in good health can have these procedures.  Check with a board certified PS to make sure you are a good candidate, and you can also check with your PCP to make sure that there aren't any medical concerns for you to have surgery.  Best of luck!

As long as you are in good health, then it is safe to have this surgery at an older age.  I have many women who have had Tummy Tucks or Breast Lift/Augmentation who are well over their 60's.  Age is not a determining factor for surgery.   More important factors would be if you area  Diabetic it needs to be controlled, if you smoke cigarettes or take any nicotine products then you would need to stop.  Please see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for a consultation.  I hope this was helpful to you.

Best Wishes, Dr. B.