My left breast is significantly smaller than my right. Should I get another surgery?

I had a breast augmentation surgery and was unhappy with the left breast. I asked him to fix it but requested to not have the anchor scar as I did not want the scar across my breast. He did not listen and now my left breast is significantly smaller than my right. In addition, I now have an ugly scar. He offered to do another surgery and put in a bigger implant but I'm afraid that something will go wrong again. Please help.


F, 41, New York

Tags:6 months post-op

Sorry to hear about your issues.  I would only recommend you have revision surgery once you are 4-6 months out from your original surgery.  I would discuss everything with your surgeon and together figure out what would be the best option.

If you plan on seeing another surgeon, I would recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience with revision breast surgery.

Hope that helps.

It is very important to have confidence in your surgeon before undergoing a revision procedure with the same surgeon.  The fact that you say "he did not listen" is somewhat concerning.  You and your surgeon should always be on the same page as to what the plan is, and you should always make your concerns and goals clear.  It is possible that there was a miscommunication between you and your surgeon in this regard.  I recommend that you have a detailed discussion about what your concerns are now, what you would like to have done, and then find out from your surgeon what his plan would be and what the risks are.  If you are not on board with that plan and/or you do not like the risks, then I recommend you seek other opinions before proceeding with another procedure.