One of my areolas is bigger, can it be fixed?

My left areola is bigger than my right. Is there a procedure that allows me to adjust one nipple to match the other? Or do you have to change both of them to match each other? It would be nice to only need a procedure on one breast rather than two. Less is more in this case.


F, 34, New Jersey

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Areola reduction is possible, and depending on the extent, sometimes can be done in the office with local anesthesia.

Yes, you can have one side reduced.  It would require a scar around your areola, but it could be made more symmetric.  You should have a consultation with a plastic surgeon, and then you can get it done.  Best of luck!

You could undergo a one sided circumareolar mastopexy.  This is where an incision is made around the outside of the nipple and a small portion of the areola is removed and then closed in a circular fashion to make the nipple smaller overall.  You would need to be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon.

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