Pinching Pain upper right muscle after Tummy Tuck

I know during my surgery I had my muscles tightened and several things are trying to heal at once. I am not trying to rush any of the healing process but I am out of antibiotic and nearly finished with pain medication. I still have one drain in place that will be removed next week because it was not ready this week. I’m barely hungry and would like suggestions on a eating plan so I don’t hurt myself by just not eating at all. Also I have an intense pinching type of pain in one of my right upper muscles. I’m trying to not be a baby about it all because I know what I’ve been through so pain is expected. But can or should I apply ice or heat to the area to help it relax? Could this be more serious than what I’m assuming, like maybe I busted a stitch inside or pulled a muscle during my sleep? 


F, 42, Texas