Procedures to “regain” face after C.diff. Colitis weight loss?


I am a 4x cancer survivor with numerous scars and health problems. I survived complicated and severe C.diff. Colitis 3+ years ago and am still doubled over in gut pain and it is very depressing to look in the mirror. One of many scars is from my radical mastectomy (BC x2 from Rad. Th. and Chemo. 2x for Lymphoma). This and my thoracotomy, laparomy, etc. scars don’t really bother me - compared to what the rapid weight loss from 6 mo. of C.diff. - I have always had a runner’s build and staying thin helps me with my CHF. Unfortunately, I pretty much lost my facial features and look like a concentration camp survivor from the waist up. Skyping with my friends in Europe was quite the shock for them - because I look 20 years older and lost my very high “cheekbones” and my whole face looks like a different person. I guess that I should be happy that I am alive, yet it is very depressing to feel crummy and look in the mirror and see such a change. Is there a way to “re-gain” facial features? I have creases which really show up when I apply makeup. My Brother recently stole 88% of my income and took my Mother to Panama (she has since passed away) - so for now am very low income and unable to work. Is there such a thing as “palliative” plastic surgery? Would any procedures be affordable?

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I'm sorry to hear about everything that has happened to you.  The best options for you are likely fillers and/or fat grafting to the face.  These can be pricey as they are not covered by insurance.  However, oftentimes hospitals have plastic surgery resident's clinics where they offer these procedures at a discounted rates.  I recommend calling the hospitals in the area and seeing if they offer this.  Good luck.