Puffy eyelids in the morning

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Over the past week or so when I wake up in the morning my left eyelid is always puffy. I remember something like this used to happen to me when I was a child but have no clue about what caused it anymore - except I don't think it was an allergic reaction then, so I wouldn't think it could be one now. Most mornings the swelling tends to go down on its own after a few hours and always responds well if I can put a warm compress over it. But if it isn’t allergies that's causing the puffiness, then what the hey could it be? It really feels like an allergic reaction, except I know that doesn't make any sense. Do you have any theories as to what might be causing my eyes to all of a sudden be puffy every morning when I get out of bed? Consider me all ears.


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It is not uncommon for one to develop swelling in your ankles as the day progresses. You then get into bed and go to sleep in a relatively flat position or even worse, lie on your stomach face down. that swelling may then redistribute in your eyes. You then wake up in the morning and you have puffiness, possibly more on one side than another due to the position in which you sleep. You then get up and are now in a vertical position and gravity works to your advantage to help the swelling to dissipate.

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Puffy eyelids can be due to many things.  It's impossible to diagnose a person based on  description alone.  Best bet is if it does not go away ocndier seeing your primary care doctor to ensure it's not an issue with your electrolytes, thyroid, sinuses, etc.  If it isn't, then you might consider seeking cosmetic improvement from your favorite plastic surgeon.    Be sure to discuss your goals and concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and consider the pros and the cons. Be certain your surgeon is properly certified. 

Hi Magenta,

This can be related to fluid retention, sleep, and gravity, Yes, gravity, When you lie flat, the fluid in your body is more evenly distributed than after a long day on your feet. That means, your eyes are most likely to be swollen after a long rest. Of course, medical conditions like hypothyroidism can cause this, and some allergic conditions like blepharochalasis. Most likely, this is nothing to fret about. See your doctor for a physical exam and some basic labs, and perhaps a referral to a plastic surgeon who can evaluate your lid function and, if push comes to shove, possibly intervene. I hope this helps!

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