Recommended downtime for liposuction recovery

How much downtime is recommended to recover from liposuction? I can only take off work for two weeks, and I want to make sure I’ll be able to get back to work, and my daily routine by then.


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I recommend 3 days off work. Some are able to push it to 1 day and just bend gingerly at an office type job the next day.

Most patients need a full week off depending on how much liposuction is done.   Two weeks should be adequate for getting back to work.  

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After liposuction, I usually allow my patients to go back to light duty jobs in a few days.  You wouldn't be able to exercise for several weeks, so as long as your job doesn't require strenuous activity, you should have no trouble.

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Hi there!

One to two weeks off work is usually ample for most straightforward liposuction. If you are having fat grafting (for instance, a Brazilian buttlift), you may need more time off, depending on surgeon preference and your type of work. What do you do and have you already had a consultation with some basic info provided? You will likely need to wear a garment for 2-3 months postop (like a glorified Spanx). You might have one or more drains in briefly depending on the extent and location of your liposuction areas. We see patients via virtual consultation online for out-of-towners and can answer many questions that way!

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