Removal of surgery scar

I have a long surgical cut on my right side from urethra surgery in 1995. Is it possible to remove this scar? I cannot wear a bikini and I am shy undressing ibecause of it.


F, 51, Texas

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Well, scars can usually be revised to make it less noticeable. But, it cannot be completely removed so that it is not present. Many times, we can make scars less wide, less thick, less firm, and overall more cosmetically pleasing. So you should check with a plastic surgeon who can tell you what can be done for your particular situation. Best of luck!

Unfortunately, scars cannot be removed.  But they can often be improved.  The best scar you can have is one you can't see.  So that means a "bad" scar is one that is visible and unsightly.  There are 4 things that can contribute to make a scar a "bad" scar:  thick scars, wide scars, discolored scars, and irregular scars.  Thick scars, which are called hypertrophic scars, can often be improved by injected them with a steroid.  This is best done as the scar is maturing and thickening.  Wide scars are often the result of tension or motion in the area (the knee or shoulder, for example).  These scars are difficult to improve, but may not be visible if they are pale.  Discolored scars may be improved with intense pulsed light treatments.  Irregular scars are often the result of trauma or poor closure technique.  These may be improved by laser treatments.  Bad scars can be revised, which essentially entails cutting it out and re-closing it.  Steroids are often injected at the time if the scars were thick to begin with.  Post-revision low-dose radiation treatments have also been shown to be very effective.  Lastly, scar management with scar creams, silicone sheeting, and daily scar massage have been shown to be helpful.  But even with all of these measures, some people are genetically programmed not to scar well.  That said, I would recommend you consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon to discuss your options.  You can post your request as an online consultation right here on zwivel and get multiple opinions and recommendations from doctors in your area.


Good luck!