Revitalash vs Latisse for short eyelashes

I'm very light-haired. Consequently, my eyelashes are almost white and look as if they are nonexistent. Makeup helps a little, but I'm wondering if Revitalash or Latisse are as effective as they say. I haven't tried either so I came here to get an opinion on which one of these two works better. I don't want to end up disappointed.


F, 33, Utah

Latisse is a prescription product containing bimatoprost, which has been shown in clinical trials to increase eyelash length in most patients.

Several years ago, Revitalash contained the same active ingredient as Latisse but the formula has since been changed.

Revitalash's eyelash growth serum now uses latanoprost to stimulate growth. The formulation is not as effective as bimatoprost and is not FDA-approved for the purpose of eyelash growth.

Latisse requires a prescription so I can't make any direct recommendations to you here without a consultation. My advice is to ignore Revitalash and ask your doctor about Latisse as it has FDA approval and has proven conclusively in clinical studies to result in real eyelash growth. Good luck with your goals.

There are multiple eyelash growth products on the market but most of them are really just serums containing vitamins and amino acids. These over-the-counter serums promote "healthy growth" but do not actually contain prostaglandin analogs which stimulate growth and thicker eyelashes.

Be careful with the clever wordplay of many cosmetic products which don't differentiate between actual ‘growth stimulation’ and serums which only contain vitamins intended to promote healthier growth.

Unlike these “vitamin rich” serums, Latisse is a prescription-only product which contains a prostaglandin called "bimatoprost."

Latisse began its life as a glaucoma medication. During the initial clinical studies of the product, researchers discovered that their glaucoma medication had a side effect: Longer lashes. At that point the drug was rebranded "Latisse" by the drug maker Allergan, and sold as a cosmetic treatment to increase lash length.

Today, Latisse is the only formulation that has FDA approval for growing long lashes and increasing lash thickness.

The main reason that many consumers put Revitalash in the same category as Latisse is that the Revitalash serum once contained the same active ingredient as Latisse.

Today, after a legal clash, Revitalash no longer contains the prescription medication bimatoprost and is far less effective than Latisse.

While Latisse is a far more effective product -- you should consult with your doctor about potential side effects. Most people experience only a mild eye-irritation and temporary discomfort. Some patients with pre-existing health conditions should avoid the product.

Remember to consult only with a board-certified dermatologist for the best advice and best practices.