Rhinoplasty for African nose

I am having difficulty trying to locate a surgeon who is skilled in constructing flat bed African noses. I have been told by two  surgeons I require a nasal bridge construction as I have no nasal bridge ( a typical flat African nose).

I have been told nasal bridge construction includes either harvesting cartilage from my ear and possibly the rib. Or the insertion of a man made strip to build this bridge.

What are the pros and cons of building my nose bridge with a rib cartilage or a man made strip? Which is advisable?

Which as surgeons are skilled in performing this type of rhinoplasties on an African nose.


F, 37, United Kingdom

These are all great questions. It is typical for African American noses to have flat nasal bridges.  First you should make sure that having this done is what you want, as doing so will likely change your look to be less ethnic.  You should find a plastic surgeon who does 3D imaging to give you a sense of what you would look like before and after.  That said, the pros of using rib cartilage is that it is your own tissue.  It is therefore less likely to have issues with infection and will get incorporated easier than anything else.  The downside is that the rib has to be harvested, so there will be an incision in your chest and the risk of harvesting the rib.  The risk is not high, but it is a risk, nonetheless.  Man-made implants are "off the shelf", and do not require a harvesting procedure.  However, they are at a higher risk of complications, including infection and even exposure of the implant.  One "middle" option is cadaver cartilage.  This does not require a harvest procedure, and yet it still has the benefits of being live tissue so it tends to incorporate very well with minimal risk of infection or exposure.  More and more surgeons are using these nowadays.  To find a surgeon in your area who specializes in ethnic noses, you may have to do a google search.  Be sure to look at before and after photos of the work that each surgeon has done.  Good luck!