Rhinoplasty Complications

I had a rhinoplasty procedure about 6 weeks ago. As soon as my cast came off at week 1, I noticed a tightness/stuffiness with one of my nasal airways. My surgeon advised me to be patient. A couple of weeks later it became more distressing to me as it had not improved and I became more worried. I researched rhinoplasty forums online and suspect that I have a nasal valve collapse. I found that by performing the cottle maneuver that it provided immediate relief and my surgeon advised me I could use 'breathe right' strips at night to help my breathing and sleeping. The strips helped however, I noticed after the first night that I used the strips there was a noticeable divet or a dip on my bone where it had been sitting on the bridge near the top of my nose. I am not happy with either the functional or cosmetic outcome with my rhinoplasty. 
The surgeon has attempted a couple of procedures to improve the function - shrinking back the internal mucosal lining and also injecting the problem side of my nose with a hardening gel (which has also affected the shape of my nose for the worse). Neither of these have helped.

I enquired about the nasal implant - Latera (Spirox) - however, my surgeon said there was a risk of implants traveling to the brain and was opposed to this option. Is there any other suggestions that I should consider?
It seems as if I will have to live with these problems  for at least 6 months - 1 year, until at which point I can get a corrective/revision surgery performed. Should I seek another surgeon and pay out of pocket for a revision or should I trust that my surgeon can improve my nasal concerns a second time around? It has affected me greatly and I am very upset at this current stage.


M, 34, Nevada