Rhinoplasty for Medical Vs. Cosmetic Reasons

I recently broke my nose playing basketball. A friend of mine's elbow landed on the bridge of my nose and definitely broke it. My nose was swollen for a little while but seems to have healed. I can breathe ok but now I am left with a slightly crooked nose. I want to have my nose fixed but I'm a bit scared. I don't want to end up with a Michael Jackson nose. What's the difference between a cosmetic rhinoplasty and a rhinoplasty to fix a broken nose? 


F, 23, New York

A rhinoplasty to fix a broken nose restores the nose to its former appearance while a cosmetic rhinoplasty improves upon the intial appearance of the nose

Dr Corbin


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Dear BrokenNose; Great question! Best to seek in person examination and explanations to repair your nasal fracture deviation from boarded surgeons in your area/city. Insurance or functional deformities of the nasal airway or structure 9as you have from trauma) are covered by health insurances. Cosmetic nasal surgeries are not covered and are for improvement of the appearance not function. Seek these in person cnsultaons. Also obtain a X-ray of the nose & facial bones first. Regards Dr B