To seek help or not?

About 6 months ago a random flesh colored mole grew above my eyebrow. 3 months later a black hard crusty, itchy, burning, occasional bleeding mole appeared to be growing on top of flesh colored soft mole. Now its still growing rapidly sticks way at from my forehead. Cancer runs in my family also. Should this mole be a concern?


F, 32, Virginia

Based on your photo the “mole” looks like filliform wart (which means a wart that sticks out in a fingerlike fashion) or a cutaneous horn. A biopsy would have to be done, however to determine what the lesion actually is - but the biopsy will likely help to treat/get rid of the lesion as well. I recommend seeking the care of a board certified dermatologist for an evaluation and plan. 

It would be best to get it checked out.  Whenever there is non healing lesion that scabs and bleed you gotta make sure it isn't cancer.  However, it seems to have appeared and grown very quickly-it could be something called a keratoacanthoma or a pyogenic granuloma.  These are not cancerous but grow rapidly and look really bad.  Your doc should be able to tell with an exam and possible biopsy.  Get an appointment!

Yes, I would definitely see a dermatologist first for a biopsy and then if you needed it removed see a plastic surgeon! Good luck!