SEVERE SYMMETRICAL tightness Post op 6 1/2 mo.s "traditional neck lift." Face/ears/neck feel in constant strain/cramp

"Traditional Neck lift" was early Jan 2018. I have communicated concern to my ENT PS about a month ago and seems baffled. I understand it's rare, (even though I have observed numerous people expressing exact same complaints as I, on many forums). PS is known to be quite reputable, highly respected in the Twin Cities and highly recommended, (i did my research). Thus, coming to this site.  I do know sx included the SMAS. My face/neck looks fine and tissue seems soft, free of lumps. Chin scar is healing nicely. There are no trigger points, so not thinking a neuroma, as the painful clamping/tightness is symmetrical and unremitting. I've never felt such horrific discomfort in my entire life as it feels very much like taking duct tape or saran wrap tightly pulled around ears, lower face and neck... pulling every which way in tightness. My hearing/ears still feels congested and ears popping. ENT says they look great. I have young children and it's very distressful to be in pain while trying to be a level headed Mommy. I've read the various MD's defer to a "chronic pain MD' and not really attend to the issue. The pain MD would not be able to attend to this, if the PS is baffled.  Is there an good hearted PS that would be willing to throw out some med journals (related to complaints of chronic tightness pain), that might be helpful or suggest the names of anatomy/muscles/tendons involved that could potentially cause this distressful tightness? Would this tightness potentially be related to overaggressive dissection, if so what exactly is being dissected? There is no mesh or ear to ear connection. Or could there be any other etiology for this agonizing torment? The tightness feels like an alien entity is constantly pulling on me ears, face and neck. Please help give some thoughts.


F, 41, Wisconsin