Should I diet before a tummy tuck?

Before I get a tummy tuck should I be on a specific diet? I am asking for two separate reasons.

1- I am about 10 lbs above my goal weight but I do not consider myself overweight. Do I need to be at my goal weight or not? 

2- I assume after the surgery it will be tough to eat certain foods thus not getting the best nutrients, so maybe prior to the surgery I should be consuming something outside of my normal diet.




F, 39, Louisiana


  I generally recommend for my patients to be at their realistic goal weight that they are confident they will be able to maintain within 5lbs or so prior to undergoing any body contouring surgery as weight fluctuations may compromise your result. Good luck and hope you love your result!. 

It is best to be at your goal weight within a few pounds before having a tummytuck.  If your weight fluctuates significantly in either direction after the surgery, it can affect the outcome of your surgery.  After surgery, you will be able to resume a normal diet relatively quickly.  But it is best to eat healthy and maintain your goal weight.