Should I get 400cc Implants for Breast Augmentation?

I currently have full As or small Bs. I am 29 years old, 5’ 4’’ and am 130 lbs. Do you think that 400 cc implants would be a good choice for me? I tried them on at a consultation and they looked a little ridiculous from the side. The problem is, the next size down feels too small.


F, 30, Tennessee

Getting the size right before moving forward with a breast augmentation can be a difficult decision. My advice is to try out your implant size by using gel sizers.

Given your current breast size -- somewhere between an A cup and a small B cup -- I would say 400cc sounds like an excellent choice. But keep in mind that choosing the right breast implant depends on your personal goals and aesthetic preferences.

You noted in your question that you didn't like the profile of the sizers you tried on during your consultation. It's not clear from your question what profile you tried on, but it sounds like they may have been high profile sizers. I suggest you try on something with a little less forward projection, like a low or moderate profile.

Also, keep in mind that anatomically shaped implants often have a more natural breast shape than round implants.

There are many more options involved than just cc size. I advise you to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss other options like implant shape and profile. By considering your individual anatomy and body type rather than just focusing on a specific cup size, you will ultimately come to a decision that makes the most aesthetic sense for you.

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Whether or not 400cc breast implants are a "good choice" depends on your tastes and goals.

I advise my patients not to fixate on a specific implant volume size and think instead about their body type and individual anatomy when making implant choices.

400cc is a common implant size for someone of your height and weight. But whether it makes sense for you depends on your personal preferences.

If you're uncertain about which breast implant size to choose, I suggest trying on a few different gel implant sizers to preview cc sizes and breast implant profiles prior to making a commitment.

If you thought the profile "looked ridiculous" from the side during your consultation, it's possible you were trying high profile implant sizers. You may want to consider a moderate or moderate-plus implant sizer -- both of which will have less projection and look more subdued from the side. High profile implants "stick out" further from the chest than moderate profile implants -- even though they both may have the same cc size.

Breast implant surgery involves many personal choices. There’s no right answer in terms of what implant size to choose or which cup size you ultimately arrive at. You should weigh your personal goals and sense of aesthetics with your own physical characteristics of body frame, height, weight and the existing breast volume of your natural breast tissue.

I encourage you to contact a board certified-plastic surgeon who has a successful track record with breast augmentation surgery. Take your time to experiment with different gel sizers and profile types. Carefully review before-and-after photos and patient testimonials before making your decision. There's no rush.

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Using gel implant sizers is a great way to try out different cup sizes prior to making a decision. For your height and weight 400cc is a common choice. But whether or not a smaller size is better for you depends on your personal goals.

Keep in mind though, most patients seeking secondary implant surgeries want a larger breast size, not a smaller implant.

It's not clear from your question whether your gel sizers were for a moderate implant profile or for moderate-plus or high-profile implants. Typically a moderate implant will have a more natural look from the side. You may want to consider anatomical or shaped implants rather than opting for a lower breast volume with a round implant.

Finally, remember that when trying out implants inside a bra they’ll often appear larger than they will once the healing process is completed.

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That's a great question, but it’s not an easy one to answer because it mainly depends on how you feel.

Breast implants come in a wide range of sizes, ranging from as small as 100cc up to 800cc and higher. The most popular implant sizes in the US are between 300cc and 450cc. So your choice is certainly well within the average range.

In addition to the implant volume there are also several breast implant profiles to choose from. The profile of the implant determines the amount of projection outwards and away from the chest. You mentioned that you felt self-conscious about the way your breasts looked from the side. In this case you may wish to consider a lower profile implant.

My advice is to contact a plastic surgeon who has a good aesthetic eye and extensive experience with breast augmentation surgery. Take your time reviewing implant choices. Discuss breast implant size, round vs. teardrop implant shapes and other options like silicone implants vs saline implants.

Your surgeon will consider your body type, weight and individual anatomy. While he or she will make a recommendation to you based upon their professional experience, the final decision to choose a smaller size or not will depend on your feelings, goals and personal preferences.

Many practices, including ours, use 3D imaging during the consultation to give patients a sense of what the implants will look like after surgery.

Always be sure to consult with a board-certified surgeon when considering plastic surgery.

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Hi. Trying on the size is a good way to tell if you will like them or not.  If they looked too full on the side, then you can try a narrower implant - like high profile or ultra (extra) high profile.  There are lots of different size, style, and profile options to choose from.  Best of luck!

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 What do you mean by the next size down?  That might only be 25 or 30 cc's,  and that does not usually translate into an appreciable change in size.