Should I get a Brazilian butt Lift and a tummy tuck?

Should I get a Brazilian butt lift and a tummy tuck at the same time? It seems like a lot to do all at once. What would the recovery be like if I got all of that at once? Would I not be able to sit on my butt or lay on my stomach? That seems like a horrible recovery process if you ask me.


F, 38, Virginia

Dear Sharron100: 

Great question!

There are a few things to review with your surgeon and consider.

  • Removal of an apron of skin during tummy tuck reduces the opportunity of the contained fat to be used for the Brazilian Butt lift fat grafting. 
  • Recovery is going to be more difficult as you may compromise the amount of skin removal during a Tummy Tuck and remain in a forward flexed position. As you mentioned, sitting, lying and walking are made more difficult.
  • Concerns regarding long surgical operating times, reduced post-operative activity and the procedures themselves have higher complication rates when combined. 

Your size, shape / weight,  medical history and recovery time along with the surgeons talents and comfort level will determine whether you proceed with a single or staged operation. 

All the best! Sincerely,

Dean Kane, MD. FACS 

Dear Sharron, in my practice more than 90% of tummy tucks are associated with BBLs without compromising the result and satisfaction with either one. But each doctor has a protocol he feels more comfortable with their patients.

It's hard to recover from both the tummy tuck and BBL simultaneously. While I have done it, I prefer to stage these as two operations. It's easier to manage the postop recovery where you can offload one area while putting pressure on another. It also keeps surgery times to appropriate lengths. It also depends on your BMI and general health. A video consultation can be arranged to discuss this and get information about your body frame and medical history if you'd like.

-- Dr. Sayed

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