Should I get Crescent breast Lift or Full Lift?

I don’t understand how to decide between a crescent breast lift or a full breast lift. I definitely do not want a massive change in my breast size. I am looking to go from a B to a C cup. It seems like a crescent lift is good for people looking for a slight change in size. But what does slight mean?


F, 42, Iowa

Tags:age 35-44 B to C cup lift

The difference between the 2 techniques is in how much the nipple is lifted, and how much sagging of the breast is fixed.  With the full lift, both of those are treated aggressively to get a much more youthful appearance.  But with the full lift, you will trade a better shape for more scars.  The crescent lift uses very minimal amount of scars, but can only lift the nipple a small distance.  Best of luck!