Should I get a Mammogram before Breast Augmentation?

Is it necessary to get a mammogram first? I have no family history of breast cancer so I'm not worried about it.


F, 32, Virginia

No , it is not necessary,given your age and genetic status. Mnay patients come up from Virginia for this procwedure then return ,usually during a weekend. Cap Lesesne,MD

No , it is not necessary,given your age and genetic status. Mnay patients come up from Virginia for this procwedure then return ,usually during a weekend. Cap Lesesne,MD

If you are 40 or older you should get a mammogram before breast augmentation.

Routine mammograms before breast augmentation is not necessary at 30 years of age.  Follow the American Cancer Society recommendations for baseline and yearly mammograms.   

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At 30 years old, with no family history of breast cancer, a mammogram would not be necessary before surgery. 

Hi fiascoiggy,

Thanks for your question.  I do not require breast augmentation patients to routinely get mammograms preop.  I recommend they follow the current American Cancer Society guidelines which is to get yearly mammograms starting at age 45.

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Routine mammograms are not needed before a breast augmentation in patients under the age of 40.

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A mammogram used to be a required test prior to entering a study. That has been dropped. Go with the recommendation of your surgeon.

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Thank you for the question. I don't request a mammogram before breast augmentation unless there is a family history to require it or age over 40  

Best of luck! 

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Many plastic surgeons have strict guidelines that require their patients undergo a mammogram prior to breast augmentation surgery. Even if there is no history of breast cancer in your family, it still affects 1 out of every 8 women over the course of their lifetime, making mammograms a vital tool in the fight against this disease -- especially as incidences increase annually. Women aged 40 to 55 are particularly encouraged to undergo a pre-op mammogram and yearly mammograms thereafter.


Breast screening can help in the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer before symptoms become detectable.  Cancer discovered at an early stage is likely to be smaller and more confined to the breast area, improving the prognosis for treatment.

The main purpose of a preoperative mammogram is to detect any abnormalities in the breast before the actual surgery  thus resolving the issue beforehand. It is essential to determine and document the patient's breast health before implants can be inserted.

The mammogram also provides a baseline for doctors and surgeons to refer to when identifying anomalies following cosmetic surgery. The baseline mammogram can be compared to future films for more effective identification of issues if any unusual breast lesions arise.

Many plastic surgeons place the implant beneath the chest muscle. Placement of the implants on top of the chest wall and over the muscle is particularly recommended for patients with a strong family history of breast cancer.

Medical literature indicates that breast implants obscure mammogram results because the X-ray cannot penetrate silicone gel or saline implants to examine the breast tissue beneath. A procedure known as displacement mammography allows the radiographer to slightly reposition the implant to take additional images of the breast tissue so that any breast problems can be effectively diagnosed.

The American Cancer Society recommends regular mammograms once surgery has been performed. Advise your radiographer that you have had breast augmentation surgery so that they can take special care with your breast imaging.

Not always. Would depend on your clinical situation and risk factors

I always recommend following One of the more aggressive breast screening regimens supported by the literature. I recommend a mammogram in any women over 35 prior to proceeding with surgery. After the age of 40 I want the mammogram to have been done within the last ten months prior to surgery. And I also recommend a mammogram 10 years before the earliest age at which a 1st° relative had breast cancer.

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It depends on your age.

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Great question. There is not a 100% agreed upon recommendation here as it depends on your age, family history, physical exam findings, and the surgeon and facility policies for preoperative workup. This is not formal medical advice: I am providing you some info about how different surgeons might approach the preop requirements. In my case, I require a mammogram preop in any patient who has a family history of breast cancer, has had a prior mammogram more than a year ago for any reason, has any concerning physical exam findings, wants a mammogram to have a preop baseline, has had prior surgery on the breasts, or is 40 or over. For women under 40 with none of the above considerations, I advise it for baseline as it may be helpful to have a "pre-implant" image for later comparisons when screening becomes more mandatory. When you come in for a consultation, surgeons and their preop coordinators usually explain the mammography policy if you are a serious candidate for surgery. For more info on your specific case, please contact us for a consultation. -- Dr. Sayed For more info, Visit Us at Email Us at [email protected] Call Us at 1-858-24SAYED (1-858-247-2933) Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @timsayedmd

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