Should I get microdermabrasion or IPL for my stretch marks?

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Can someone help me understand if it would be worth it for me to have IPL treatments or microdermabrasion to get help with my stretch marks? I have pretty big ones above my nipples. If I wear a bikini you can see them, and I really just would love a non-invasive way to treat them. I should also mention that I’ve used top rated creams for a year now and they don’t really seem to work that well.


F, 35, New Jersey

If the stretch marks are red then IPL can be used to decrease the redness.  I think the 3 best treatments for improving the texture of stretch marks  are Fraxel, Intracell (RF micro needling) or regular micro needling.  Intracell and Fraxel work better with Intracell having less downtime.  All of these treatment modalities need multiple sessions and stretch marks are improved not removed.