Should I get a nipple reduction before a pregnancy?

Getting a nipple reduction with a boob lift will there be any effects that will happen if having kids? Will it be better to wait until after having babies?


F, 22, California


If you are having nipple reduction, then there is a possibility this could effect your ability to breast feed.  If you are just reducing the size of your areola, then there is much less likelihood to effect breast feeding.  However, having said that, any breast surgery theoretically carries a risk that your ability to breast feed could be altered.  Check with your surgeon to see what your risks are in your specific situation.  Best of luck!

You are only 20 and may elect to have children in the future.  Also, you mentioned an interest in a lift, which indicates that you are not burdened by overly large and heavy breasts which would require a breast reduction (which lifts the breasts as well).  As you know, your breasts will enlarge during pregnancy and nursing -- and then they most often will droop due to the stretched out skin and possible loss (atrophy) of breast tissue itself.  Unless your breasts are very droopy now, would defer any breast surgery until you have completed having your children.  Hope this helps.

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City

The nipple reduction may change the breast milk supply. Also, just know the breasts will change after pregnancy and breast feeding. Please see a board Certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.