Should I wait 4 weeks between photofacial treatments?

I just had my first photofacial. Should I wait another four weeks before my next one? I do not think I will have any time in the upcoming six weeks with work and some family vacations. What should I do if that is the best time to get my next photofacial? The results from my first photofacial have been great so I do not want ruin how things go in the future.


F, 27, Rhode Island

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The most important thing for your next photofacial is to avoid moderate  to heavy sun exposure 2 weeks before and 1 month after the treatment.  This will prevent possible burning of the skin with an un-noticed underlying sun tan.  The sun exposure after a treatment will likely undo all the results you have seen.  So with this in mind, the optimal time for your next photo facial is 3-4 weeks after your first treatment, only if you can follow the sun-exposure guidelines.  If you can't fit it in with your vacations - then wait.

  To preserve your results from a photo facial - use stronger sunscreen (with reapplication mid-day) and a nice wide brimmed hat on your vacations if they are in sunny locations