Should pigmentation be expected as a side effect of fraxel?

I’ve had several fraxel treatments but now I’m wondering if the tradeoff was worth it. I had fraxel to improve my skin and restore its youthful appearance, but now I’ve developed what I believe to be hyperpigmentation on the sides of my face. Is this common and should I be overly concerned, or will it go away over time?


F, 44, Tennessee

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Hyperpigmentaiton is an uncommon but known side effect.  You should see your doctor to see if this can be treated as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentaiton (PIH).

Hyperpigmentation can occur in patients with darker skin or sun exposed skin with Fraxel or similar treatments.  The pigmentation can last for several months and mostly resolves. The only time it can trigger long lasting pigmentary changes- is if it triggers melasma.

please see the associated Doctor for your treatment for an assessment and possible treatment options.

Ken Oleszek MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Denver Colorado