SMAS, fat, fillers, or implants for lip augmentation?

What is your preferred method of lip augmentation? SMAS, fat, temporary filler (e.g. Juvederm) or permanent implants (e.g. Gore Tex). I've been considering a lip augmentation for a while and have thoroughly researched different techniques but I'm still unsure which method is the best. Any suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


F, 29, Iowa

If it is your first go round with enhancing your lips use a hyaluronic acid filler as it generally short acting and if you don’t like it you know it won’t last.  If you like it then go for something more permanent!


Dr Corbin

Hello Gina89. I prefer the temporary fillers because of ease of use, availability, and reversibility in the event that a patient does not like her new plumped up lips.