Submuscular vs subglandular for a more natural look?

For a breast augmentation whats the difference of getting the implants above the muscle or below the muscle? And which is better?


F, 28, New York

Hi Steph,

Implants above and below the muscle are both good options for breast augmentation and depend on the amount of soft tissue coverage over the breast implant. In general I think most plastic surgeons in the US would prefer to put the implant in under the muscle for the decrease the incidence of potential capsular contraction which occurs from hardening or contraction of the scar that forms around a breast implant. Some feel that placing the implant above the muscle may provide a more natural breast shape but this really depends on the amount of breast tissue that you have to cover the implant. Another reason why some surgeons me place the breast implant above the muscle is if you are an avid weightlifter or fitness person who doesn't want to have any weakness of your pectoralis major muscle after the operation which would occur if the implant was placed under the muscle. Good luck and I hope this was helpful information.