Swelling after 2 syringes of Teosyal Kiss into lips in one session

I had two syringes of Teosyal Kiss into my top and lower lip put in during one session because a year ago I had one put in and I did not see much of a difference. Now they are so so painful, warm to touch, pulsating and I can barely talk. Zero bruising but the swelling is crazy. I have been icing them every 15 mins. My wedding is 10 days away and I am freaking out :’( will the swelling go away at least by 80% in 10 days? Help!


F, Alberta

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It is very common to have significant lip swelling immediately after a lip filler injection.  If it is pulsating and warm like you say, you should contact the practitioner who injected you to take a look.  Ice is helpful, but sometimes other medications are necessary to help with the swelling.  Generally the bulk of the swelling with lip injections subsides within a few days.