Under the breast or areola incision for healthier results?

Which one between under the breast and areola incision inflict less trauma to the breast tissue? Do you think the doctor will let me choose the type of incision I feel right for me? I'm planning to get a breast augmentation in the following months, and I want to go to the doctor's office as prepared as possible.


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In my opinion, the inframammary ( under breast) incision. I think you can certainly express your thoughts and ask questions on reasons for different incisions. plastic surgeons are going to have a reason for recommending one incision over another and it typically depends on type of implant (gel or saline), size of implant


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In general, the IMF approach is safer by not violating the breast parenchyma. There are additional pros to the periareolar incision, however, and I generally use the two interchangeably.

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