What are the best chemical peels to correct sun damage?

I’m a middle aged white woman who lives in Florida. I’m really good about applying sunscreen now, but I can’t say that I was as smart a few years ago. Are there specific chemical peel options to help correct brown spots and sun damage?


F, 47, Florida

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I really like the results we achieve with Perfect Derma peels and Dermesse Radiant peels- specifically for brown spots and sun damage.

 Hi, that's a great question.  The answer is yes, there are all sorts of chemical peels and laser treatments that are specifically designed to go into the skin to a certain depth in order to effect a positive change.  If you have brown spots and some mild wrinkles, I prefer using a 30% TCA full face peel.  This can be performed in about 10 minutes using topical anesthetic.

Hope this helps.