What are the best and most affordable options for areola reduction?

My areolas are massive. Most of my breasts are consumed by my nipples. What do you suggest?


F, 26, Singapore

An areola size reduction can be performed with a scar around your areola.  The scar is well placed at the junction of the darker and lighter skin.  It can be done with local anesthesia.  Meet with your plastic surgeon to decide how to proceed.  Best of luck!

When you say most of your breasts are consumed by your nipples, I am assuming that you mean your areolas are very wide and taking up a large part of your breasts.  Either way, there is a procedure for each issue.  You can have a procedure to reduce the size of your nipples, and also a procedure to reduce the width of your areolas.  Both procedures are straightforward and done either in an office setting or outpatient surgical center.