What are the best options for correcting pixie ears?

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I had a facelift last year and I wasn’t particularly happy with the results. I was hoping for something more natural looking, but it’s obvious I had work done. One of the other things that I’m disappointed with are the pixie ears that I’m left with. If I want to fix them will I need another procedure?


F, 55, Virginia

Hi Eloise,

To fix pixie ears by themselves you can usually have that done with a minor revision of the facelift. However, if you are generally unhappy with your result, you may wish to consider a total revision. The good news is that pixie ears can often be dramatically improved and secondary facelifts are sometimes easier to do than the primary because the issues are often more focused and the planes of dissection have already been created.

Here's some general info about facelifts:


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