What are the general risks of buttock augmentation?

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I am considering a buttock augmentation, but I am concerned about the risks of the procedure (anesthesia) and mostly the ones post-op like infection, bleeding, scaring. Can being incapacitated for several days cause unexpected complications? What are the most common risks of a buttock augmentation?


F, 39, Maryland

Buttock augmentation generally comes in 2 forms - Brazilian buttock lift (BBL), which is essentially fat grafting, and buttock implants.  BBL has become more popular in recent years with the rise in more reliable fat grafting techniques and technologies.  During a BBL, fat is removed around the buttocks to enhance the shape, as well as from other areas where excess fat is present.  This fat gets grafted into the buttocks.  The most common risks include contour irregularities and fat resorption - expect about 50% of the fat that is grafted will go away.  There is a very small but real risk of developing a fat embolus from the procedure, which is a serious complication and can be fatal.  Infections are possible but not common.  Buttock implantation involved and incision and placement of silicone implants into each buttock.  This procedure requires no fat harvest or injecting, so the resulting size and contour is very predictable.  It does involve an incision and the placement of two foreign bodies, so risk of infection is higher than with BBL.