What are my options for a MTF breast augmentation?

Do I have the same type of options as a woman with small breasts? I would like my breasts to look natural, but considering I was born a man, are there certain restrictions or safety issues with going too big, or using silicone vs. saline? Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.


F, 29, Utah

First, it is important that you have been on female hormones for a minimum of six months or more.  This will decrease your normal production of testosterone and also stimulate your own breast tissue to grow as much as possible.  Then you should have a discussion with a plastic surgeon as regards your desired breast size.  Oftentimes male chest skin is tight and can only accommodate a small to moderate size implant.  If you wish to be large breasted, then you may require an interim operation to stretch the skin so that it can eventually accommodate a larger implant.

For further information about MTF transition, please check out my website:  https://www.plasticsurgeonnewyork.com/mtf.php

Good luck!

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City

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