What are the risk associated with breast lift surgery?

Hey!! I lost nearly 75 pounds of my weight in 6 months. I'm so happy to have a fit body. The only thing that concerns me is my breasts as they became saggy and droopy after weight loss.
I have tried many ways like breast massage, breast firming exercises, and hydrotherapy to make my boobs firmer, but there is no result.
It looks weird when I wear party dresses and it is affecting my confidence. So one of my friends suggested undergoing breast lift procedure from a clinic in Windsor Ontario. Are there any risks associated with this surgery? If so, is there any other way to get firmer boobs? Any advice is highly appreciated. Thanks!!


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Hi, there really isn't another way to get firmer breasts in your situation.  A breast lift and possibly implant will help, and this surgery, like all surgeries, has risks.  For most healthy people, the risks are very low, but everyone has differing degrees.  Some risks include infection, healing problems, poor scarring, sensation loss, or bleeding.  At your plastic surgery consultation, your surgeon can discuss any concerns he/she may have with you and go over all of the risks.  Best of luck!

Thank you for the question but an examination is really needed to determine what procedure would give you the best result as certainly there are risks associated with any surgical procedure.  So go on some complimentary consultations with experts and compare recommendations and look at photos of similar patients 

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If your breast drop a lot you probably need a lift and possibly an implant as well.  There are significant scars associated with the procedure and the possibility of diminished nipple sensation.  Loss of circulation to the nipple is also a possibility but giryunately this is rare.