What are the risks of having a breast reduction?

I am currently a 34 DD and have been contemplating having a breast reduction ever since I was 17 years old.  When I was in high school I would struggle with terrible lower back pain when trying to play volleyball.  Even in my adulthood when I go to the gym I do suffer from back pain when I do certain exercises.  What risks should I be aware of when getting a breast reduction?  I am extremely worried to be put under general anesthesia, can a couple doctors tell me what I should expect and reassure me it is a safe procedure!  Thanks so much and I appreciate it!



F, 27, Rhode Island

For healthy people, the risks of breast reduction surgery are extremely low!  Sometimes healing problems can occur but are usually not significant enough to drastically change the outcome.  The nerve sensation to your breast or nipples may be altered, but most often this is not a significant issue either.  Infection can occur after surgery but is also uncommon.  In other words, the risks are low as long as you are in good health, so go meet with a plastic surgeon to get the ball rolling.  Best of luck!

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Hi, Gloria.

A breast reduction is a very safe, effective, reliable procedure.  Before getting a breast reduction, you should discuss with your surgeon how much smaller you want to be, as one of the risks is remaining too large or ending up too small.  Another risk of the procedure is scarring, and the risk is 100% - you will have scars.  Some patients end up with scars that are not very visible while others have scars that are very noticeable.  You are essentially exchanging one issue (excessively large breasts) for the potential for a different issue (noticeable scars).  That said, breast reduction patients are usually amongst the happiest patients a plastic surgeon will have.  Lastly, the risk of anesthesia is exceedingly small so long as it is being administered by a qualified anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist overseen by an anesthesiologist.  

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