What are some better alternatives to sculptra?

I’m looking to reduce the appearance of my forehead wrinkles and crows feet. Sculptra sounds like it is the most natural way to accomplish this. Is that true? Also are there some better alternatives that might not be as “natural” but that produce better results?


F, 51, Pennsylvania

Hi Alana:

My favorite filler for the forehead wrinkles is fat.  It is very natural and most of it stays permanently.  It does require a minor surgical procedure but I think the results make it worth that.  It is a little more expensive but is worth it for the long term savings.

For the crow's feet, regular fat has a tendancy to clump.  Botox is the best thing for dynamic wrinkles.  For static (non moving) wrinkles then Nanofat is an option.

Dr. Ken Stein