What are some botox side effects that I need to worry about?

I’ve come across the horror stories of people that get way too much botox and turn out looking like freak shows. I assume those side effects are just because they overdo it. Are there basic botox side effects that I should be worried about that could occur with minimal amounts being injected?


M, 41, Tennessee

Botox is extremely safe and effective when administered by a qualified health care professional.  That said, there are certain risks, even in the best hands.  The "overdone' look is usually a result of poor technique and inexperience.  Injecting too much botox to the forehead can result in heavy brows or the brows sagging.  There is also the risk of undercorrection, which is due to being too conservative with the dosing.  This is easy to correct by injecting more botox.  The biggest risk is migration of the botox when injecting the forehead.  If the botox migrates to the levator muscle of the eyelid, you may end up with droopy lids.  Again, this is best avoided by having the injections done by someone with experience and proper skills.