What can I do about pain after a tummy tuck?

I had a tummy tuck, abdominal wall repair, umbilical hernia repair with belly button removal 4 months ago.

For the past month I’ve had a constant pain sometimes sharp pooling and tightness on my right side that goes from my midline to my waist and is between the upper and lower quadrant. I had my three month appointment and did mention it as a concern to the PA because I have not seen the doctor since surgery and she dismissed it as part of recovery and nerves healing but I feel that it’s more than that from reading other posts and talking to another person face-to-face. Could it be a seroma or just a pulled muscle? That side and area is more swollen than the other side and when I sleep I sleep on my side so when I roll side to side I felt something move in there which is weird I know but I do and it hurts. It also is very sore to touch especially Doreen Massage and I’m afraid to do any abdominal exercises and fear of hurting it or damaging it more but when I mention it it is dismissed so I don’t know what to do. I also still have a lot of pain when coughing and sneezing particularly in my midsection where my bellybutton used to be. Any suggestions on how to approach this or whether this is of concern because I was not given an outline of the recovery process or what to expect at each month.


F, 50, Pennsylvania

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