What can I do about the sun spots on my face?

I've started noticing a brown sun spot appearing on my nose and I really don't want a skin imperfection on such a noticeable spot of my face. I have a few other spots on my cheeks too, but those don't bother me as much. The spot on my nose bothers me because it keeps getting larger the more I stay in the sun. I know I should use sunscreen all the time, but... I'm a bit guilty of not doing that. What can I do to erase these sun spots on my face? What's the easiest and most affordable option?


F, 33, Delaware

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Hi Lydiaa09,

While all dermatologists advise that prevention is the best form of treatment, the benefit of hindsight is not always practicable for reversing existing damage. If you feel self-conscious about your sunspots and have been contemplating treatment, there is a range of cosmetic procedures and products available from dermatologists and doctors that will eradicate them quickly and effectively.

You can read all about these treatments in our Sun Spot Removal guide.



The easiest way to reduce or eliminate pigmentation from sun damage is with intense pulsed light (IPL). This is a filtered light that is applied to the face in a simple, 15 minute procedure. The light targets both brown spots and small blood vessels, clearing these pigmented areas and giving your skin an even tone. There is minimal to no recovery from this procedure.