What can I do to reduce bruising from a rhinoplasty?

Is there anything that I can do in order to lessen the severity of the bruising that will occur following my rhinoplasty? Can anything be done in advance of the rhinoplasty that would have that same effect? My primary concern, though, involves the inevitable bruising that will result from the procedure. I need to be prepared for when I actually have the rhinoplasty done so if there are any products that would reduce the bruising, I want to have them on hand for when I am recovering. Thank you.


M, 38, Vermont

the Key element is to stop aspirin, or NSAID s  like motrin and stop fish oil 2 weeks pre op,  choose a real rhinoplasty expert as your surgeon and keep your head elevated post op for at least 2 weeks.  No excercise for 4 weeks post op as well  Arnica may help  as well post op

Good luck in your journey to improving your nasal appearance 

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I have found in my practice that Arnica helps with bruising. take it a few days before and after surgery. Hope this helps! Best of luck!

Arnica tablets work well. Don't ask me how or why, they just do. :) Also, anti-inflammatories like motrin helps. Avoid alcohol, and keep your head elevated.